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An Interview with S.O.Bailey Inside Astradaemon's Lair

Recently, I was invited into  #AstraDaemonsLair  for an interview. I was apprehensive at first, because once my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the chamber, I saw unknown stains on the walls. There were metal objects that I didn’t dare examine long enough to determine their purpose—if I had, the interview might have ended abruptly, and how embarrassing that would have been. The title might have read: Short Interview With S.O.Bailey Before He Scurried Away Like a Scared Rabbit. But I stayed, and Ursula was kind, her questions sincere, and I was kind right back, because I suspected the metallic objects on display weren’t merely decor. How did you get into writing? Did you deliberately choose the horror genre, or is that just the natural direction of your stories?                      I consumed many books--mostly science fiction--as an adolescent, but I didn’t realize that I wanted, and would become a writer until I was twenty-three years old and attending Weatherford