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I like to climb shit. I had never seen a Banyan tree prior to this trip to Oahu, Hawaii with my family.  These behemoths are the largest trees in the world in terms of coverage area, and can live up to two-hundred and fifty years.  The largest one alive today is in India—it spans 4.7 acres (1.9 hectares) and can shelter twenty-thousand people! The Banyan begins as an epiphyte which (after a Google search) means that its seed germinates inside of a host tree and then takes it over, often killing the poor sap.  If the host tree dies, it decomposes, and leaves a hollow, cylindrical core that's perfect for many forest dwelling creatures to burrow safely in. These pictures are from June of 2019 near Manoa Falls.  I'm not in Hawaii while writing this post, unfortunately, because it's a lot cooler being in Hawaii than not being in Hawaii. ↓↓↓↓↓↓ Purchase books by author  S.O.Bailey  on Amazon  HERE

Resolution: Marathon

I've always been a bit of a contrarian, and I suppose this is why I've never before made a New Year's resolution.  My first New Year's resolution (the year is 2020 future [wo]man) is to run a marathon. My wife Ashley and I have already begun the training (is that cheating?).  We are more than halfway there actually.  Both of us have always enjoyed running, long before we met each other (probably one reason we get along so well), but marathon training isn't a casual three to five mile trot in the park admiring flowers and butterflies. Marathon training is early mornings. Marathon training is early nights. Marathon training is sacrifice. Marathon training is suffering. Marathon training is knee pain, foot pain, back pain, blisters, chafing, cramps, all the pains. Marathon training is bloody nipples. Marathon training is knee braces, compression socks, Body Glide, nipple bandages. Marathon training is recovery. Marathon training is diet. Maratho