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Night Stand

Close to home. What would you do if, in the middle of the night as you slept, a stranger with unknown intentions crawled into your house through one of your windows?  Perhaps you forgot to lock it last month…last year.  When was the last time you checked?  It's too late now, because they're already inside. Excerpt from Night Stand : I sat up and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness.  The dog was on the floor at the foot of the bed and I could see that its ears were perked and alert, listening.  It was her growl that woke me.  Then I heard a noise from inside the kitchen, and I knew that it was the window with the broken latch opening. CLICK HERE  to purchase Night Stand by  S.O.Bailey  on Amazon

I Took the Devil for a Ride

An interview with a killer. Inmate Gideon Michael Hall, TDJC # 561198, recounts the events leading to the murder of his family, and how he lost control of himself that day. Investigative journalist Charles Winter gets a closer look into the mind of a murderer than he is comfortable with, and he discovers that the reason Gideon requested their meeting that day was not only to tell his story.  A disturbing new short story by S.O.Bailey CLICK HERE  to purchase  I Took the Devil for a Ride by  S.O.Bailey  on Amazon 

Excerpt from Elfric

   "Tell me, does King Joseph allow for bathroom breaks, or do you shite in your chrome britches?"    "You will not speak of excrement and King Joseph in the same breath again peasant man."    "I'm simply curious," Elfric began and stepped back two paces, "Are there hinged flaps on the backside of your trousers?"    A metallic note played when the knightsmen of the High Castle Guard removed the swords from their sheaths.  For a moment Elfric thought that their arms wouldn't be long enough to pull the enormous blades completely from the sheaths.  He caught a glimpse of himself within the reflection of one of their swords as it was drawn, his small stature appearing quite smaller inside the deadly mirror.  Then he was blinded by the high afternoon sun that caught the other man's blade.  Squinting, he saw that the knightsmen now stood in their fighting stances.    "My apologies gentlemen," Elfric said and bowed his