Night Stand

Close to home.
What would you do if, in the middle of the night as you slept, a stranger with unknown intentions crawled into your house through one of your windows?  Perhaps you forgot to lock it last month…last year.  When was the last time you checked?  It's too late now, because they're already inside.
Excerpt from Night Stand:
I sat up and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness.  The dog was on the floor at the foot of the bed and I could see that its ears were perked and alert, listening.  Her growl woke me.  Then I heard a noise come from the kitchen, and I knew it was the window with the broken latch coming open.

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I Took the Devil for a Ride


Excerpt from Elfric

"Tell me, does King Joseph allow for bathroom breaks, or do you shite in your chrome britches?"    "You will not speak of excrement and King Joseph in the same breath again peasant man."    "I'm simply curious," Elfric began and stepped back two paces, "Are there hinged flaps on the backside of your trousers?"    A metallic note played when the knightsmen of the High Castle Guard removed the swords from their sheaths.  For a moment Elfric thought that their arms wouldn't be long enough to pull the enormous blades completely from the sheaths.  He caught a glimpse of himself within the reflection of one of their swords as it was drawn, his small stature appearing quite smaller inside the deadly mirror.  Then he was blinded by the high afternoon sun that caught the other man's blade.  Squinting, he saw that the knightsmen now stood in their fighting stances.    "My apologies gentlemen," Elfric said and bowed his head, &quo…

Pop-Pop — A Short Story

Emergency sirens filled the air.               The alarm ebbed and flowed as the horn circled around the pole which it was mounted; the sirens retreated and advanced like ocean waves assaulting a shoreline.  The old man bolted upright in bed before his arthritic hips could object.  He picked up the robe crumpled at the foot of the bed and wrapped himself in it.  His 1937 M1 Garand hung upon the bedroom wall and he grabbed that too.              Outside, he surveyed every direction of the sky.  It was a nice, clear day, and he neither saw nor heard approaching aircraft.  He knew that could be a deceptive assurance, the military technology the younger generation toyed around with could fool advance radar much more capable than the human senses.  The new wars were different from the old.  Back when the old man wore his country’s uniform, the fighting was amongst men.  Nowadays, it’s a race to the best technology.  War was cold enough before you could press a couple buttons and kill a thous…
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Maldito Bare Bones The Fishing Hole & Homeless Donna Rubberneckers Jogger Terraling The White Man

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I like to climb shit.
I had never seen a Banyan tree prior to this trip to Oahu, Hawaii with my family.  These behemoths are the largest trees in the world in terms of coverage area, and can live up to two-hundred and fifty years.  The largest one alive today is in India—it spans 4.7 acres (1.9 hectares) and can shelter twenty-thousand people!

The Banyan begins as an epiphyte which (after a Google search) means that its seed germinates inside of a host tree and then takes it over, often killing the poor sap.  If the host tree dies, it decomposes, and leaves a hollow, cylindrical core that's perfect for many forest dwelling creatures to burrow safely in.

These pictures are from June of 2019 near Manoa Falls.  I'm not in Hawaii while writing this post, unfortunately, because it's a lot cooler being in Hawaii than not being in Hawaii.

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Resolution: Marathon

I've always been a bit of a contrarian, and I suppose this is why I've never before made a New Year's resolution.  My first New Year's resolution (the year is 2020 future [wo]man) is to run a marathon.

My wife Ashley and I have already begun the training (is that cheating?).  We are more than halfway there actually.  Both of us have always enjoyed running, long before we met each other (probably one reason we get along so well), but marathon training isn't a casual three to five mile trot in the park admiring flowers and butterflies.

Marathon training is early mornings.
Marathon training is early nights.
Marathon training is sacrifice.
Marathon training is suffering.
Marathon training is knee pain, foot pain, back pain, blisters, chafing, cramps, all the pains.
Marathon training is bloody nipples.
Marathon training is knee braces, compression socks, Body Glide, nipple bandages.
Marathon training is recovery.
Marathon training is diet.
Marathon training is learning…